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Are you there, Stars?

I've never really thought about it much, but what if you couldn't see the stars? I know there are some places that seeing stars is near impossible because of the lights but.. I just cannot imagine it. The Plough is the constellation that I will always look out for, where ever I am in the world - I think this is because it was the first ever constellation that I could identify.

Right now the sunset is beautiful. It's the first stunning sunset that we've had in a long while because we've had cloud and rain.

I remember wandering across the Stray, looking up, standing close and just being. Stars allow us to do that - they allow us time to do something yet just stop, stand still and look.

I think I'd hate not to be able to see the stars.

My thoughts on reading

Yesterday I wrote a very brief and entirely rushed blog post on reading. It was brief and rushed because I wanted to get back to my book, but now I've finished I can actually articulate myself in a manner more appropriate for the blogging world.

I have always adored reading and words and books (that was syndetic listing for you there!) and I revel in spending every single penny I own on books (it did not help my bank account much when I worked in a bookshop). In fact, I had to stop myself from buying a book last night by turning my computer off - it's sort of like an addiction. It's not like I don't have a huge to-be-read-pile already, I just love buying books and my mood is constantly always forever changing.

I don't like to be interrupted whilst I read, I like to sit down in a comfy place and just read - I don't tend to listen to music or do anything else. Especially if the book is good.

I love reading for the sake of reading and I love reading analyse too - …


When I finish reading after a long while, it always feels like I'm waking up from a long, long, deep, long sleep. I'm not quite here yet; which is the case right now.

I feel like I'm breathing words and that I'm just wandering around half-asleep.

I love reading more than anything. For now, I shall go back to my book...
(I will elabourate on this in much wonderful detail. Right now though my book is far more important. I do apologise.)

Click HERE to read my elabouration... if you haven't already read it. xD

English essays

So I probably have one of the weirdest views ever concerning work. Like most people, I'm never the first to woop when we're set an essay or feel elated when we're set some questions in German but unlike most people I do actually enjoy writing essays - especially English ones - once I get started.

Essays: It's a way of expressing yourself that has been thrust upon academia and thus has a rather tedious ring to it. They're not all boring though, you may hate the rigid structures and the subjective, hard-to-follow criteria you have to hit but the actually writing of essays is an exploration, it's an expression of opinion or a development of ideas; it doesn't have to be boring and basic.

I think it's mainly due to the fact that I love books probably more than anything else (a little over-exaggeration there - but I would be a happy person to simply receive books for my birthday or something like that, whereas to some people that prospect is simply horrific) …

A poem... *hesitates*

The sound of paper pages turning,
The smell of ink and words so yearning,
The eyes fall gently upon the words
That want but only to be heard.
The tell tale signs of disaster,
Or shrill sounds in your head of laughter,
Leave them lonely for but a while
And find yourself quite beguiled;
The calling, crying, craving books
That fill your shelves will have you hooked,
You won't be able to live without
The smell of ink brought about
Only by reading the books so yearning
Who only want their pages turning.

I wrote this last night. I'm in a book-type mood. I've also been losing myself in Potter's world, where there are quite a few little poems/riddles that have this rhyming pattern.
So yeah. :-) I hope you like it.

The price of cheese and other such rubbish.

I say rubbish, I'm sure to some people the price of cheese is an interesting topic of conversation - if you are that person, I apologise for using your epically awesome topic subject interest thing as my example of supposed rubbish but it's nearly midnight and I am, quite frankly, a little tired.

This blog is going to be a little bit of everything. And by that I mean a bit of me complaining about my inability to revise, my love for procrastination (which seems to increase a tenfold around exam time), Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. They should technically be in italics but I cannot. be. bothered. Oh and I might talk about the Saturday which happens to be approaching very, very quickly! But I may fall asleep before then to grow too tired or catch typhus... or something.

I make timetables, I plan, I have everything sorted, I feel productive and then, and then, aaaaand then: I do nothing. Well, that's a little bit of a lie - because I have done something today, I've do…