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The Final Push: Part 2

To my fellow third years, I salute you. We are coming to the top of a mountain, from which the views will be amazing. And we will make it.

Right now, I am sitting waiting to pre-drink with my friends because it's been one of our flat mates 21st this week. And boy am I looking forward to dancing; it's been too long. However, I am also flat out panicking (along with everyone else) about my approaching dissertation deadline, the jobs I've applied to, my lack of saving, my ten billion other essays and books I have to approach come tomorrow morning.

The words may seem hard, the nights may seem long, but we can do this. We can.

The Final Push: Part 1

I've been home this weekend because I have a check up up at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough on Tuesday, and I've had the enormous pleasure of meeting my first (second?) cousin once (twice?) removed, Olive Rose. She was the tiniest little human, and made me feel all squirmy about how we go from being that to these big gangly things.

Technically, I am meant to be entering the "real world" soon. I've spent half the weekend applying to jobs, the other quarter saying goodbye to my best friend who's moving down to London, and the final quarter feeling bad about not doing as much work as I have done. All that stands between me and my dissertation hand in now is one weekend. ONE. Where has that time gone?

I will say that I honestly have enjoyed writing my dissertation; the topic has really interested me, and has opened up some areas of study that I'd really like to pursue during my Masters. It's only been this past week, doing an Applicant Da…