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I need your help...

About 5/6 years ago I read a book and I found in fantastic. Regardless of whether I would find it that way now, I cannot for the life of me remember the title of this book.

It was a story about a 12/13 year old girl moving house, the book opened with an email to her friend. What I remember about it was there was a stone house by beach and she finds something in the house. The other aspect is that there are gargoyles which are magical and her mum gets possessed by them. I remember that it was set on the coast.

That's about it... can anyone help?

Telling my brain to shush

I don't know how many times it's happened now but I see things and I sit and I think "I want to do that. It's not faaaair" and then I tell my brain to shut up and quit whining.

I am an optimist and thoroughly grateful for everything in my life. I hate it when sometimes I get whiney or moany or blow things out of proportion - which is why I tend to apologise... a lot. Today, for example, I was looking at someone's sledging photos on facebook and they looked like they were having so much fun; they were sledging and making snow angels and a whisper crept into my brain: I want to do that. it said... wait, no, it was more of a 'I want to be able to do that' moan.

This is when I stop and think about what I have, what I have that I don't need, all the joy I have, all the kindness I have and, yeah, I stop moaning. I hate it when people tell others to put things into perspective because sometimes it's better for you not to, and sometimes it's impos…

Wishful thinker

I consider myself to be a pretty grounded person. I tend to keep things in perspective and, although I'm positive, I can accept when things don't go my way and move on. But there's a part of me, a little crazily-imaginative part of me that cannot help but crave the unreachable.

On down days I will sit there and genuinely wish Peter Pan would come along and take me to Neverland, or a White Rabbit with pink eye would run close by me and I'd chase after it. Reading is my escapism. I don't know why it works so well but there are days that I wish I could just fall into a story.

I crave the romance, the magic, the purity, the weirdness, the... abnormality of it all. I love my life, I love my family and I love my friends but sometimes - just sometimes - I like to pretend to be someone else. I want to be the girl who a magical boy who has the wildest dreams wants to come away with him, I want to be the girl that find herself somewhere completely new and crazy but fits in c…

Old Bunny

Today I realised just how old my rabbit is. I got him when I was nine years old and he's going to be nine in April. It's kind of phenomenal to think about how long he's been here - he's older that about half of my cousins and he's just always been there.

Being the nine-year-old-disney-loving-carefree-child that I was, along with my best-friend-and-next-door-neighbour-in-crime-Laura, I named him Thumper Cinnamon. He was going to be called Cinnamon but we thought Thumper suited him much better. He is one of many rabbits that bear this name, poor soul.

He's always had a problem with his eyes, I think it's a genetic trait of over-bred-mini-lops and pet-shop rabbits in general (let me take this moment to say PLEASE ADOPT.), and as he's got older that has got increasingly worse. Earlier this year he got ill and had something called e. cuniculi and as a result suffered a stroke in half his face and lost a lot of strength. Regardless of his age he did pull thro…

13 Things for 2013

This year I will...
1. Be positive --> something I always try to be but yeah. STILL POSITIVE YEAH.
2. Admit I am sad when I am sad but try not to let it consume me --> I hide emotions too much and then they tumble out and it's not good.
3. Accept help and support more --> tell teachers/people when I am struggling. That is a thing I don't do right now.
4. Try my best --> if I have a chance to do my A Levels, I'll do them.
5. Not be scared --> of people, relationships, life, exams, failing, surgery. ANYTHING.
6. Appreciate the world more --> when I'm feeling more okay, walk and stuff.
7. Ask questions --> helps the 'not being scared' thing.
8. Talk to people more --> keep in touch with people and strengthen friendships.
9. Stop hiding behind the computer screen/mobile/electronic stuff --> TALK to people and stop being scared about doing it.
10. Live in the present --> because worrying about the past and the future is pointless. Refle…