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I have almost obsessively wanted to say goodbye to all of the people over this last week. I'm not sure why. I think, partly, it's because I'm a strong independent wooman who is moving to new placespeopleandthings. But I don't know. Yeah.

(Gosh I'm eloquent this evening!)

I'm sitting here in my room which, whence I return, will look different due to, you know, actually re-painting it after five or so years. All that I have on my desk is my laptop, glasses case, TARDIS mug, meds, lamp and socks for tomorrow. I'm prepared. My room is empty. It echoes. I have my belonging packed in boxes... it's weird.

Am I ready to move? Yes. Do I want to move? ... Yes. I'm more hesitant about the latter. It's usually the case with change and me - I'm ready for it to happen, it needs to happen, but I'm not 100% on it actually happening. But I'd rather it happened than didn't, definitely. (You can tell my brain is fully awake and prepared for life ri…

Looking back (over my shoulder)

There are plenty of times in life when you sit, reflect, and think back to either a) 'the good old days' or b) 'the crappy times of crap'. There are moments when you contemplate decisions that you have made and the consequences that have ricocheted from them. To use a cliche, you think back to all those pebbles you've thrown in the water and the ripples that were caused by it - and you even might have hit a fish or two on the way down... it happens.

When I first decided to do a blog I was mainly thinking of it in terms of recording 'me' - recording my thoughts and feelings and, yes, venting a little in a very public domain. Sometimes I have these words and sentences in my head that just need to be written down. Whether or not they are of substance, whether or not they are eloquent, it's just nice to have them there and recorded. It is one reason why I have notebooks where I just write and write and write and write - and it doesn't matter what I say …