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Growing up I've been both lucky and unlucky with my opportunities to explore the world outside of my house. Family holidays to France every year grounded my ability to travel long distances (we drove), my grandmother being German and auntie living in Germany solidified my love for the country and desire to learn the language, and my love of reading allowed me to travel from the safety of my bedroom.

I honestly believe one of the main reasons that my wanderlust hasn't really kicked in until now is because my imagination was enough. And to this very day it still is - just about. Earlier this year I interned in London and that was a bit of an adventure for me (Yorkshire born and bred!). Even going 82 miles down south to University was a big deal. I can still recall the butterflies in my stomach as I walked up the stairs to my new flat on move-in day. Reading has given me a sense of adventure, and also allowed me to get an appetite to explore.

Because I was ill for most of sixth f…