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At first when I left school I didn't really have any clue how I felt about it; I was sad, yes, but I didn't know if I wanted to leave or not - so many emotions ensued.

Having just finished my exams and pretty much will not be going back into school until August I have finally figured out how I feel about leaving: I don't want to leave but I feel ready. I feel ready because I realise that I've out-grown the school (not the teachers though, gosh darn it I love my teachers!) and some of the people (I emphasise 'some' here). It's a place where I've had sad times and happy times, met amazing people and learnt so much. I've grown up there.

As much as this makes me sad, I really recognise that I'm ready to move on... ready to grow up. It's kind of like leaving Neverland in a funny way.

And who knows, maybe I'll be back teaching there someday?


Having just read this article about the new GCSEs that we will be blessed with come September 2015 I am highly intrigued to how they will pan out.

Yes perhaps it is good for fourteen-sixteen year olds to read a Shakespeare play and a 19th Century novel - in fact I think that's a really good aspect of the new GCSEs - but the focus on examinations is something that I do not agree with. As someone who attends a competitive comprehensive I felt enough pressure as it was to do exams and I still do as I am finishing my A Levels. The coursework aspects of the courses I took - particularly as someone who found essay writing particularly difficult back then - were a welcome relief and a chance to develop and engage in essay writing. I understand that students will do 'mock essays' but this only increases pressure on students to actually do them - since they won't have 'official' deadlines - and more pressure on teachers to be constantly working on and improving the stud…