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That's what your first year of the first year of university is all about - finding a way to reconcile your life as a child with your future as an adult. It's not like you drop everything and everybody you love and replace them; but your relationships and priorities change. They have to. - Rainbow Rowell on moving to university.

I didn't really know what to expect from university, but it certainly wasn't this. I feel like a completely different person, in a good and bad way. I feel like I've found this part of myself that I didn't know existed and simply wouldn't have been able to be found at home, but I also feel like I'm not like I was at home and that takes a while to get used to.

I'm not entirely sure what I was nervous about with regard to coming to a new place and living without parents but I haven't been that surprised by any problems I've encountered. Not that there have been many problems. I spend my time with my flat, whom I get on …

On Family

I think everyone has qualms with their families. There's things we like and, naturally, don't like about the people we spend our time with. We have disagreements and upsets and we are very likely to all have different views on how things should be done but all in all we've kind of been put together because of genes so sometimes have to face the music.
After spending time away from family to study at university I've come to appreciate my family more. Not only this but I also see them as people with individual thoughts and ideals... kind of like the moment you realise that your teacher is, holy moly, a person with a life outside of school. (I know, crazy right?) Through these realisations full of gratitude, and yes slightly bitter reality I have been able to come to terms (well more so than before) with the fact that disagreements happen. People don't see eye to eye. Sometimes people will never understand how your mind works or how other people work. That's just …

New Year 2013-14

After spending three full month (near enough) at university the last five days that I've spent in London and Essex have truly felt like nothing - it doesn't even feel like I've really been away. It's odd because prior to going to university I wouldn't have been able to fully comfortably spend five days away from home in a house where I only know one of the residents.

On this trip I met some completely lovely and wonderful people. After knowing Tia (Tia's twitter) for around two years to finally meet her was really wonderful. Same with Stevie (Stevie's youtube), after knowing her for about a year or so to meet her was an utter pleasure and we all had really lovely chats in a closing coffee shop.

On top of this I met some of Phil's best friends and attended a really lovely party. What's more, yesterday we explored London and went to the British Library (among other places) and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I honestly don't think I've laughed so…