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Feeling Creative

I am in a place full of creative people. Creative people who both inspire me and instill a confidence that I can create. It's a feeling I've not definitively felt before and, boy, it's good.

Trusting in one's own creativity and ability to create content is a difficult thing to do. We find it hard to truly believe that someone will appreciate the ideas and content that we wish to, and do, create; when thinking of a script idea or writing a monologue, it's difficult not to regard what a spectator would think about it. Showing someone your content, or sharing in that creativity you have, is quite hard to do - especially if you don't quite trust that you can actually be creative.

Since being in Lincoln I have surrounded myself with people who are funny, interesting and vibrant - who have inspired ideas and a creative trust (I guess) in myself that I didn't really know I had. The freedom to have your own thoughts, whether it is in lectures or seminars or outside…