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I haven't even attempted to write this blog post until now because I haven't really fully contemplated the goings on of this past week. To say they have been crazy, mad, bonkers... dumbfounding even would be a slight understatement.

After spending the last three days recuperating and avidly watching season 2 of Gilmore Girls I have finally realised that I, Claire Margerison, have just left school. I have four exams and a results and that's it. Kaput. Done. Bam. Gone. Poof.


My last day and leavers' ball (prom, whatever you may call it) were sublime - and I genuinely mean that. Other than the nearly fainting and having to leave and getting laughed at in the leavers' assembly, it was utterly perfect. I spent a majority of my prom catching up with teachers and just talking to them about the future, about the past, about my ex-boyfriend in particular (hah, sorry Michael - suffice to say I think you enjoyed the conversations too!). It was amusing and fun and just …

Challenge accepted!

I have decided (for a number of reasons, one being this AWESOME video HERE) to be more bold. To accept challenges. To push myself. To embrace awesome because, like Abby says in the video, it's good to carpe-diem-the-crap out of the world. I know myself more now, I know my limits (kind of) and I know how good it feels to push the boat out a little bit. Yeah, it's good to go with the flow but it's also nice to ride against the tide sometimes (holy crap on a cracker that's a LOT of idioms.)

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the whole Vogue thing, which was fun. So much fun. I really enjoyed the deadline and the balancing everything and the new writing style (interviewing heck yeeeeah) and just everything. It made me realise how much I love to work under pressure when I'm enjoying doing something. I think that was the drip that triggered the storm.

After coming out of a relationship a year ago I was more bold that before; I was so much more confident. I could talk to p…

Why I am currently liking Doctor Who

After my German oral happened and after a little chat with certain people today I decided to catch up on Doctor Who. I have missed three episodes of this series because of reasons and it was really nice to just sit down and watch them without all the hype and pre-during-post-episode madness that tends to happen.

I've loved what I saw of Clara Oswald before I watched these episodes but I just love her even more now. She's a really great character and I really don't see the similarities that other people are seeing. (I read a great  post by my friend Jess on this matter here.)

The way I see it Doctor Who is about people, about adventure and about Doctor Who-ness (yep, there is an essence of Doctor Who). For a while this just wasn't there for me, at all; now, though, I get a sense of that spark again - especially in the most recent episode.

Don't even get me started on the Clara/Doctor relationship because I love it so much. So, so, SO, SO much. There's something …