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I have a bad addiction. A baddiction. I have had this problem since I was very young; I cannot help but spend money on books.

When I was younger I saved the little money I got each week so that I could afford to buy the new Linda Chapman paperback, which I was (obviously) counting down the days until it was released with way too much excitement and anticipation. Since May or June (I think) this year I have filled a Waterstones stamp card and spent £100 on books. As you can see, not much has changed.

When it comes to money and budgeting I'm reasonably good; I, for the most part, don't go over my budget and tend not to treat myself too much (especially regarding food - but that's my dad's doing; offers for the win!) and what's more I have only bought books ONCE since coming to university. ONCE. I mean, ONCE. Oh my. I don't know how I've done it, honestly.

(It might have something to do with the fact that oh my goodness I have so much reading to do.)

When I ha…

Performance and Art

With the recent release of Lady Gaga's new album, ARTPOP and the performances she has done in order to promote that, I've been considering what role performance and art play in our lives. I've mentioned before that I have grown up surrounding myself with books and stories and the magical idea of imagination and believing - that's lead me, to a certain extent, to be able to perform in everyday life. I can assume a role a lot easier than I really thought I could. Take, for example, my blog name: practically Alice; this is a reference to the Alice that you would find meandering the pages of Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, my favourite book. I have a sense of comfort when I assume a role or fall into the pages of a book.

As I've grown older, though, I've done this less and less because my confidence has grown - here at university more than ever before. I feel more comfortable being Claire and being a little less Alice than before. It is only when I consider the …