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To A Baby

Dear Baby in a cafe,
You are growing up in an incredible age. The age of the unknown. We are balancing on a thin line that could topple either way and the future, Baby, is unknown.
For the moments that our eyes meet I see a world in your mind. The cogs whirring and your mind constantly processing everything. You see so much and understand so little; but that is changing.
It is funny to think of all the new things you're currently learning about. Learning to eat, to drink, to speak, to listen and learn.
The world which you observe, Baby, is wonderful. I cannot convey to you how incredibly grand it is because it simply is impossible to put it into words. It is wonderful - completely - but it is also full of terrible destruction. It's like a coin; there are two sides to it. I tend to pick the glass-half-full attitude, because I believe it will ultimately be okay.
There are horrible things that happen in this world, Baby, and this world is heading down an unknown path. However throughout history we've always had the same question that still stand, even more so, now: what is the future going to hold for us as human beings? Perhaps we will destroy ourselves, perhaps we will thrive.
It is completely mind blowing that your childhood will have a completely different dynamic to mine. I hope you read lots of books. Technology seems oh so appealing but, honestly, the written word is better.
We're going to face a future that is going to be full of wonderful and terrible things. Ultimately I want you to remember that it is all going to be okay, whatever you decide to do with your life.
Best wishes,
A waitress in a cafe


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